Your question: What does multiply on procreate do?

Multiply. This mode multiplies the luminosity of the base color by the blend color. The result is an overall darker and more intense effect. Multiply produces different levels of darkening depending on the luminosity of the blend layer.

Is there multiply in procreate?

Procreate has a whole host of blending modes to try out, including: Multiply, Darken, Color Burn, Linear Burn, Darker Color, Normal, Lighten, Screen, Color Dodge, Add, Lighter Color, Overlay, Soft Light, Hard Light, Vivid Light, Linear Light, Pin Light, Hard Mix, Difference, Exclusion, Subtract, Divide, Hue, Saturation …

How do I multiply an image in procreate?

Open the layers list… click on the little letter “N”… gives you layer options… first option that comes up in the list is ‘multiply.

What do blending modes do procreate?

Blending modes are a group of options that affect the way two layers blend together. You can change the mode on one layer, or both. There are a variety of options to choose from that vary in intensity. … There are descriptions of the different blend modes and what they do in Procreate Handbook.

What is Alpha Lock Procreate?

Using Alpha Lock in Procreate gives you the ability to lock a layer’s transparency (or alpha). This means that, once you apply Alpha Lock on a layer, you will only be able to paint inside what already exists on that layer (the alpha). … Tap the layer and tap Alpha Lock in the Layer Options menu.

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What is a multiply layer?

The Multiply mode simply multiplies each component in the two layers. The Color Burn mode divides the inverted bottom layer by the top layer, and then inverts the result. This darkens the top layer increasing the contrast to reflect the color of the bottom layer. The darker the bottom layer, the more its color is used.

How do you lighten in Procreate?

Change layer opacity – in the Layers menu, tap with two fingers on the layer you want to change opacity. The Layers menu should close and you can slide your finger or pen anywhere on the screen left to right to adjust the opacity. You should see the opacity near the top of the screen.

What brush do I use to blend on Procreate?

Some of the Procreate standard brushes that can be used for example are the Gouache (under Artistic brushes), Bonobo Chalk (under Sketching brushes) and the Stucco brush (under Artistic brushes). The Gouache gives a smooth blend, while the Bonobo Chalk and Stucco brush give a more textured look.

What is the best brush for shading on Procreate?

Personally, my favorite brush to use when shading with the smudge tool is the Soft Blend brush in the Airbrushing collection. In general, I feel like this brush does a really great job of creating soft and seamless shading, blending, and fading.