How do you Recolour on new procreate?

How do you recolor in New procreate?

To change the action buttons, tap and hold with the pencil on any button. A whole list of actions will appear, in alphabetical order. Scroll to find the Recolor action, and select it. Now you can access Recolor at any time from this menu!

Did procreate remove recolor?

Procreate on Twitter: “@imgayhowbouthat Hi! Recolour has been removed, but we have Colour Fill with Freehand or Automatic Selection ” / Twitter.

How do you color in Procreate without going over?

Here’s how to color inside the lines with Procreate. To color inside the lines with Procreate, use ColorDrop to fill your shape with white. Turn on alpha lock or create a clipping mask, which will stop you from coloring outside of the lines of that shape.

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