Best answer: Is there a bucket tool in procreate?

By using Procreate’s paint bucket tool, you can fill in a shape with a color. Remember the color selection tool in the top-right corner? Tap and hold down on that circle with your Apple Pencil, stylus, or finger. Then drag the color to the shape you want to fill in and release.

Is there a magic wand tool in procreate?

Procreate already has this. Automatic Selection is our version of Magic Wand.

Can you mirror draw on Procreate?

Mirror your drawing in Procreate: Here’s how

Tap on the arrow button. You will find it in the upper menu bar on the left. A menu bar opens at the bottom of the screen. … You can now mirror your drawing horizontally or vertically.

How do you freehand select in Procreate?

It allows you to make both freehand and straight lines for your selection. To make a freehand selection, simply draw the lines with a stylus or finger, just like drawing. To close a selection, tap back on the beginning of the selection, there should be a small circle/point indicating the start of a selection path.

How do I cut out an image in Procreate?

To cut in Procreate, make sure that your desired layer is highlighted, or you’ve used the select tool to select your desired elements. Swipe up with 3 fingers to access the copy and paste menu and click Cut. You can also click on the wrench to open the Actions tab and click the Cut button there.

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Where is automatic selection tool Procreate?

Tap the Selection button to bring up the Selection toolbar. Tap Automatic. Now you can tap other areas on your canvas and Automatic mode will add them to your selection.

How do I fill a texture in procreate?

Tap and drag your pen from the active color button to the area you want to fill on your drawing. Keep your pen down on the canvas for the next step. Dragging and dropping colors can also be done from color swatches in a Procreate color palette instead of the active color (button).