Can I remove objects in Lightroom?

Select the Spot Removal tool from the right panel. You can also press the keyboard shortcut Q to activate the Spot Removal tool. The tool functions both as a selection or a brush that you can use to mask the unwanted object.

How do I remove unwanted objects in Lightroom?

Remove distracting objects from your photos

  1. Select the Healing Brush tool by clicking its icon in the column on the right or pressing the H key.
  2. Use the Size slider in the Healing Brush settings to make the brush tip slightly larger than the object that you want to remove. …
  3. Click on or drag over the unwanted object.

How do I use the eraser tool in Lightroom?

All you have to do is hold down the “Alt” key on a PC or the “Option” key on a MAC to change the brush you are using into the Erase brush. You can then adjust the eraser brush using all the same shortcuts for size, etc.

Is there an eraser tool in Lightroom?

Alt/Option Key – Change the Lightroom Brush to an Eraser. When using Lightroom brushes on your image, there will be times when you end up brushing over areas that you didn’t want the brush to be. You’ll know you have an eraser tool when the + (plus) in the center of the brush turns into a – (minus) sign! …

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How can I remove objects from photos?

YouCam Perfect is the best free app to remove unwanted objects from photos and it’s available for both Android and iOS.

  1. Download the app and Click the “Removal” button in Photo Edit mode.
  2. Paint the object you want to remove.
  3. Use Eraser to adjust the chosen area.
  4. Click the Finish button and see the results instantly!

How do I spot remove in Lightroom?

Delete a selected area or spot:

  1. Select a pin, and press Delete to remove the adjustment.
  2. Press Option/Alt and click a spot to delete it.
  3. Press Option/Alt and drag the mouse to draw a marquee, and automatically delete spots that are within the marquee.

How do I remove objects from photos on Android?

Follow the steps below to erase unwanted objects from your photos.

  1. Tap the Object eraser icon. show more.
  2. Tap or draw around anything you want to erase. You can also tap on the part you want to erase from the photo, it will automatically draw a border. …
  3. Tap the Erase button. …
  4. Tap the Save button to complete your edits.

How do I get rid of blemishes in Lightroom mobile?

Remove spots and unwanted objects. Use the Healing Brush tools to remove unnecessary spots, power lines, people, objects, or other such distractions from a photo. In the Edit panel in the Loupe view, tap the Healing icon at the bottom of the screen.