Are there smart objects in Illustrator?

You can double click the smart object in either the libraries panel or in the actual file to make edits to the original graphics. However, in Illustrator, you’ll need to drag the assets to the library, then drag them back to your file in order to create a ‘linked smart object’.

Where is the smart object in Illustrator?

Just go to a PDF on Windows Explorer and choose default program: Illustrator. Then when you double click in Photoshop in a vector smart object will open in Illustrator rather than Photoshop.

How do I open a smart object in Illustrator?

In section “Open with:” select Adobe Illustrator (select version). Then hit button “Change All…” to make that the default. Reopen Photoshop and the file, double-click on your Vector Smart Object, and it should now open in Illustrator.

How do you make a smart object editable in Illustrator?

The first step is to select your Smart Object from the layers panel. In this case, it’s a business card. With the Smart Object layer selected, click on Layer > Smart Objects > Edit Contents in the drop-down menu.

Why is the smart object not directly editable?

Rasterize the Layer. Another reason for the “Could not complete your request because the smart object is not directly editable” error is that you are trying to use a grid-based tool on the shape layer. The solution is to rasterize the layer so that you can use raster-based tools.

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How do you create a vector smart object?

You simply right click on the layer in question and select “Convert to Smart Object.” You can also create a smart object out of multiple layers. Shift + click (or Ctrl/Cmd + click) to select the layers you want, right click, and select “Convert to Smart Object.” The layers will merge into a single smart object layer.

How do I make an editable font in Illustrator?

Select the Selection tool and click to select a text object. Choose Type > Create Outlines to convert the text to editable paths. Click the Ungroup button in the Properties panel to be able to move the letters independently.